A Belated Hello, Happy 2015!

Hello and welcome 2015!

Yes, I am just now back in the swing of things {well, getting there!} after my nice long family holiday. {Or, as Trevor Noah pointed out – vacation…}

Here’s to a new year, with great possibilities and opportunities.
Here’s to a more healthy, fit and fabulous new year.
Less stress, less ‘admin’…
Less worrying about things we have no control over.
More quality family time.
Here’s to living a more simple, grounded and grateful life.

I didn’t make any resolutions for this year – can’t remember the last time I DID – although I do have big plans… {Stay tuned!}

I think my new motto should be: Keep it Real! How does that sound? {KIR}
It can be applied to so many things!

Anyways, let’s take a quick look back at some of the most popular posts from last year:
1. Banting Flapjacks with Triple Cream & Bacon
2. Meatballs wrapped in Bacon with a Cream Cheese filling
3. Easiest Low Carb Snackies: JalapeΓ±o Poppers and Crispy Hot Chicken Livers
4. Almond Fat Bomb Smoothie
5. Lazy-all-in-one-weekend-salad

More fab recipes and products coming your way soon!

KIR Heidi X

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