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Boozy Low Carb Eggnog

Have you ever tried eggnog?
Eggnog is a sweetened, dairy-based drink with whipped eggs, spices and booze; traditionally drank in the US throughout the Christmas holidays.

It’s not big in South Africa.

I have no idea why!?
It’s like a creamy, boozy, custard-y milkshake that instantly brings Christmas-cheer!

Boozy Holiday Eggnog {LCHF & Sugar-Free}

It’s also one of those treats that require the least amount of modification to be low carb – it’s really already LCHF, you just have to replace the sugar with a suitable low carb alternative such as xylitol.

I prefer to use brandy, but you could use rum too. Both have zero carbs.

A cup of this on a hot SA holiday eve is just to-die-for!
It’s also perfect as a dessert for your holiday get-togethers and the ultimate banting treat. Seriously.

Also – don’t be put off by the idea of the raw eggs, it’s not ‘eggy’ at all, just creamy and delicious and very custard-like.

For a kid-friendly version, just leave out the brandy.
The kids really love this one – totally #kidapproved!

You could also turn this {boozy} low carb eggnog into ice cream

Enjoy! X

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