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Effortless Entertaining with this {Low Carb} Paella

I’ve been craving a good paella for a while now…

It {Paella} used to be my go-to dish when entertaining – it requires minimum effort and gives you maximum taste and satisfaction.
It’s one of those really social dishes – my favourite kind – where you simply place a heaving bowl of it in the middle of the table and everyone can just tuck in and help themselves.
As the night progresses and the wine flows, you can still pick little bites to your heart’s content…

It just never occurred to me to make a low carb paella – it’s simply been one of the dishes that I’ve written off…

And then, it hit me – like duh – just make it low carb!

So, here’s my super easy recipe for a superb low carb paella – and nobody won’t even miss the rice!


Now that I’ve re-discovered my beautiful paella, it will definitely feature a lot at dinner parties!

Enjoy! X

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