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Hidden Veg Bolognese

This hidden veg bolognese is so versatile, it’s a good idea to make a large batch and either freeze some or just keep it in the fridge for a week’s worth of quick meals.

My kids LOVE it and it makes a great breakfast with some scrambled eggs…

For dinner, just add a dollop of sour cream, toss in a few leaves and optional cheese {I’m ditching the cheese for a while..} and you’re good to go.

Hidden Veg Bolognese {LCHF, Paleo, Sugar-Free & Filled with Veggies - perfect for picky eater kids}

It has all the veggies already inside, so you can literally just have a bowl of this if you like.

  • great for breakfast with some scrambled eggs and a dollop of butter
  • serve with sour cream and salad greens for an easy weeknight dinner
  • serve with cauli mash for a great bowl of comfort
  • serve inside egg wraps, along with shredded lettuce, sour cream, avocado, tomato & cheese – a la Mexican burrito
  • serve with zoodles {zucchini noodles} for an extra dose of zucchini-goodness
  • use as a pizza topping for your cauli-pizza, along with cheese and sour cream

Right, these ideas should tie you over for a few days!

What else would you use this hidden veg bolognese for?


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