Inspiration/ Meatilicious: Low Carb Beef & Venison Dishes

LCHF Aubergine Lasagna Bake

We all need a collection of weeknight staples in our recipe boxes – and this LCHF aubergine lasagna bake deserves its spot too.

Rich, slow cooked mince, grilled aubergine and cream cheese, all layered together and topped with more cheese…
Aah – deliciousness!

Having young children can sometimes make cooking in the late afternoons / early evenings a bit difficult, as they would rather you spend that time playing with them.

And in our house, unless I involve them in the cooking process – which I love to do and I do often – the struggle is real 😉

So I like to either prep things in advance for easy and super-fast cooking, or I like to cook some entire dishes in advance. But you can’t always do that, can you?

This is one of those dishes that are perfect for making in advance! And you know, maybe let the kids help you with the prep on a weekend, or when it’s not a mad rush and everyone’s hungry…
Let them grate the carrot or cheese or even just let them stir the pot – they love it and I’ve found that 9/10 times they’re more likely to eat the food when they’ve helped to prepare it. #TrueStory

If you are pressed for time, out of ideas or simply battle with your meal planning and want a little helping hand, check out my Meal Prep 101 post!


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