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{Low Carb} Lettuce Tacos


It’s Taco-Tuesday!

You know you’ve seen The Lego Movie once too many when you automatically associate Tacos with Tuesdays…
{I have boys, ok?!}

Anyways, so I thought this would be a great dish to share on this Tuesday:

IMG_9602 (683x1024)

Delicious tacos without the carbsΒ – and they’re so easy to make.

{My aim really is to make and enjoy the most delicious dishes, without too much fuss and that’s quick to prepare.}

This is also a great interactive dish – you can prepare everything in advance and each person can build their own taco.

You can even use the ‘Taco-Tuesday’ theme with your Lego-loving kids and see how they suddenly love lettuce & avocados – you’re welcome! πŸ˜‰

{Seriously though, I find that my almost-4-year-old is becoming an increasingly fussy eater and I have to come up with some really crafty ways to get him to eat certain foods…
I find that using his favourite superheroes, etc. often help to encourage him to eat his least favourite things.
For example, I’ll tell him that Spider-Man’s favourite food is… (fill in the blank) and it works most of the time.}

IMG_9591 (1024x683) IMG_9595 (683x1024) IMG_9599 (1024x683)

Let me know how your family loved these!

Enjoy! X

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  • Maggie
    March 18, 2015 at 6:35 am

    Just Loved it! Great idea.

    • Heidi
      March 19, 2015 at 1:19 pm

      Thanks Maggie! X