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Low-Carb Travels & a Super Green Smoothie

Traveling a-la-low-carb is no joke people…
If you’re stuck in economy and have a layover – well let’s just say the pickings are slim indeed… You’re best off just to avoid the obvious starches and hope for the best.
(You might just starve, because let’s be honest, the choices at an airport include carbs, carbs, sugar, more carbs and a dash of sugar!)
I just cannot believe what the world eats!!

Everywhere you see the same buzz words: low fat, gluten free, all-natural and organic…

Do people still think that these are good food choices?! Well, apparently so…


I love this quote – it is so true!

Visiting the US at the moment, it really hit me just how ill-informed the general population still is.

Even though people are generally trying to be more healthy, they blindly ‘buy’ into the concept of ‘gluten free’, ‘organic’ and the best one ‘all natural’.

Ok, let me explain:
Yes, gluten free is good, but only if it is naturally gluten free, like veggies, etc. anything that is processed to be gluten free, is not good – it is packed with sugar and highly processed.
Leading a primal / paleo / banting lifestyle, the first rule is ‘no processed foods’…
Yes, organic is good, but once again, only if it refers to real food. ‘Organic’ peanut butter is not good – it’s filled with sugar and besides, peanuts are not good…
Yes, all natural is good, but only if it refers to natural foods.
Processed foods containing ‘all natural’ ingredients are not good {hint: it’s processed}!

My point is this: whether you bant or follow a paleo or primal diet, it all boils down to eating real food, avoiding ALL processed foods and cutting sugar & grains from your diet. {This really IS difficult to do here in the States with all the temptations around you…}

Look, I’m no vegan-hippie and I do love my food, but real food is the best food! Just look at the French…
Plus, I also value my health and well-being and am trying to make the best choices everyday.

Anyways, before everyone gets all excited, here’s a fantastic, cleansing and energizing green smoothie recipe:


You will need:
1 ripe avo
1 cup green grapes
1 cup watermelon
1 small red apple
3 cups raw kale
1 ripe banana
1 cup cold, black Rooibos tea
1 scoop Super Green Formula

Just blend it all in a blender, along with a few blocks of life and enjoy!

I had it after my run this morning and it totally invigorated me – the fruits gave me an energy boost and the greens just gave me strength! It’s also a great pre-breakfast filler, especially after a workout when you can’t immediately stomach a big breakfast.

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