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#TBT – What to EAT when Expecting?!

I am not pregnant, in fact, I’m quite happily not pregnant! I adore my two boys and asked now if I want more kids, the answer is no…
{But the factory is not closed, let’s just leave it at that…}

Alright, so I recently installed the Timehop app and it finds all these old pics from years past.

This was my Timehop for today, from two years ago:


I was pregnant with my second child, somewhere in my first trimester… {This was taken in India, standing in front of the ‘rooms’ where I had my ultrasound done…}

It is so daunting to try and figure out what you can and cannot eat while pregnant. The web offers many and very contrasting opinions.

Eat fish, don’t eat fish.
Don’t have ANY under-cooked meat – your days of enjoying a civilized steak are over! Cook it until it’s grey…
Beware of ice cream, as it contains raw egg, you know…
Sushi – NO, NO and NO…
Ai, ai, ai, as we say in Afrikaans.

Well, being there and having done that, I can safely say that your are safe eating a medium steak {yes, even medium-to-rare, as long as it comes from a safe source and environment and is fresh}.

I’ve put together a list of Top 10 Primal foods to have while pregnant:Β {Of course it is safe to follow a primal diet while pregnant, how do you think we all made it this far?!}

Top 10 Pregnancy Foods {compiled from various sources}:

  1. Eggs
    Eggs are packed with vitamins and minerals and contain the good type of fats, which are vital for good brain development.
    It’s full of excellent protein for both mom and baby.
    Eggs are also a great ‘complete’ meal for those days when you couldn’t be bothered to do a whole lot of cooking.
  2. Broccoli
    Let’s hear it for this super food, whoop, whoop!
    Broccoli will help your body to absorb iron, plus it’s full of antioxidants, calcium and folate.
    {Try this delicious broccoli soup with ratatouille}
  3. Meat
    Not only a good source of protein, meat also provides iron that is easily absorbed by the body.
    {Combine with broccoli for maximum benefit! Try this ‘Broccomash’Β or this One-pot-chicken-dish}
  4. Salmon
    Packed with omega-3 fats, another goodie for brain development, plus it just tastes so darn good!
    Just don’t go and have it raw… Smoked is fine, as it’s ‘cooked’, just make sure the source is safe. I had tons of the stuff – my kids are VERY clever! πŸ˜‰
  5. Nuts – and in particular, walnuts
    Coincidence that they’re shaped like brain lobes? I think not…
    Full of brain-building omega-3’s {which is also very important for good eye-development}, as well as protein and fibre.
    Scatter it over any salad – especially great with avocados.
  6. Spinach and other dark green, leafy veggies
    Packed with vitamins A, C and K and it’s also a good source of folate.
    {Try this Best Ever Spinach Quiche}
  7. Avocados
    Also a great source of omega-3’s – remember, brain & eyes!
    Although lots of ‘experts’ warn against eating too much avocado {because it’s a fat}, it’s actually a great source of fuel for the body, so go on and have at least one a day.
    {Did you know that an avocado is actually classified as a berry?!}
    {Try these prawns with avoΒ or this Mexican quiche}
  8. Flax seeds
    These are packed with DHA omega-3 fatty acids {like the supplements you take during pregnancy}, which the body cannot make on its own.
    Try this banting bread made with flax seeds}
  9. Liver
    This is probably the best super food, as it is so rich in iron {to prevent miscarriage} and loaded with fat-soluble vitamins such as retinol.
    A good source of protein, zinc and folate.
    {Try these yummy 5-ingredient chickenΒ livers with green beans, or these tomato & basilΒ chicken livers}
  10. Full fat Greek yoghurt
    Although dairy isn’t strictly part of a primal diet {allowed with Banting though}, it does contain calcium and fats. Based on that alone, it’s not a very significant choice, but it also contains good bacteria, which is very important for a baby to be exposed to.
    Babies get exposed to these good bacteria through the birth canal, while being born, thus the mother’s gut health is very important and has a lifelong effect on the baby’s health.

And drink LOTS of water!! {I would cringe when my gynae used to say that, I mean, how many times during a day can a girl go to the loo?! }


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