Top 3 places to visit in the Midlands {Dargle Valley, Howick}

You know that idyllic idea you have when traveling?
Authentic little stalls / shops selling the local produce at great prices, providing you with the best of what the region has to offer…

Well, if you’ve ever traveled much, that idea is usually a bit of a myth, sorry to say.

You’ll find it, but not so easily.

No, the locals usually shop in mass stores, buying generic things – whether it’s produce, clothes or furniture – you could find anywhere in the world.

I’ve seen it everywhere. We’re just lucky in Joburg with so much to choose from!

Well, let me tell you about our recent weekend away in the KZN Midlands; I managed to find a couple of really good places!

Needless to say, I didn’t really take along much food, thinking I’d get some hearty, organic, fresh local produce at the farm stalls…
I only took my own {from our hens} eggs and a few bits such as coffee, honey, etc…

Firstly, there are no obvious markets. Nothing. Amidst rolling hills and farms-galore there is no real local shops.

The owner {Kate} at the farm cottage we stayed at {highly recommended, we had such a lovely stay!!!} told us about the Karkloof Market and a few other places.
{Dargle Valley, Howick, KZN}

The Karkloof Market is on a Saturday morning, between Howick and Karkloof {us City Slickers missed it, we arrived at 11:00, as they were closing down… πŸ™ } so I can’t say whether it was good or not, but it was recommended.

There’s also Piggly Wiggly, which is very touristy and has all the requisite and overpriced furniture, gift and clothing stores.
It’s nice to see, but honestly could have been somewhere in Dullstroom or Clarens for that matter…
The market {produce shop} there, however, had fabulous fresh cream and milk and honestly the best biltong I’ve had in a long time.
It had minimal seasoning and really just melted in your mouth.

Skip the cheese and yoghurt there, it wasn’t all that great…

On the same road past Piggly Wiggly, just past Michealhouse School, on the way to Nottingham Road, there is Swissland Cheese.
This was my favourite find!

Nestled up in the mountains, with goats roaming, you might imagine you were in a scene from Heidi…

They have the most delicious cheeses and mustards!
{Needless to say ate way too much cheese and even went back for more.}

My Top 3 are:

Swissland Cheese {they have a Brie that is to die for, as well as some firm goats cheeses, smoked and regular – oh yum! And mustards – really good mustard to go with their delicious JalapeΓ±o cream cheese.}
Piggly Wiggly Produce Shop {cream, milk and biltong, oh and some delicious homemade chorizo.}
Beverley Farm & Cottages {Cozy and very welcoming accommodation, everything you need for a relaxed weekend away!}


{Swissland Cheese}

{Galley at Piggly Wiggly}

{A snowy Drakensberg}

I’d love to hear if anyone else has been to these places and what other gems have you found?


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