Some of my Favourite Ingredients

14 LCHF Essentials For Your Pantry & Fridge

If you’re South African, you’ll know the Salticrax ad about the different Salticrax toppings as the month progresses:
You start off with a cracker chock-full of delicious, gourmet toppings…
As the month continues along, the toppings start to thin out a little and become less gourmet, until you’re left with just a dry cracker at the end of the month.

Well, I’m sure most of us can relate to this, even if it’s not budget-related, but simply at the end of a busy week / period and the fridge is looking a bit sad and lacking essentials… :(

Your fridge starts out brimming with delicious and gourmet cheeses, yoghurts, meats and many varieties of yummy organic veggies.
There are snacks and nibbles to ensure everyone is happy.
The pantry is stocked with nuts and seeds, dark chocolate and almond flours to whip up some amazing desserts…

As the week or month progresses, the content becomes a bit less glam and more ‘everyday’…

By the end of the week or month, you haven’t had the time to do a proper shop and consequently there’s not much to inspire you to create anything worthwhile…

Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of 14 LCHF pantry & fridge essentials that will see you through such times and ensure there’s always something delicious to eat.

I’m not talking about cupboard basics here, like coconut oil, spices, olive oil, etc.

I’m referring to, let’s call them secondary basics, those items that you should always have on hand to make something more spectacular.

Essential ingredients that you can quickly throw together to provide a decent meal.

Staples to provide satisfaction and enjoyment to your family, even though there’s not much to work with.
Ingredients you quickly pick up from the store, without having to spend hours or heaps of money…

lchf essentials

A list of some of my fave LCHF essentials

I always feel hopeful that I can whip up something delicious to eat when I have these ingredients in my fridge and pantry.

Here are a few ideas and some recipes using these ingredients, along with other ingredients you might have – and obviously, swap out ingredients for what you have on hand:

  • eggs + cheese + cream + filling = delicious quiche that’s perfect for breakfast, lunch boxes AND light dinners
    e.g. a delicious tuna quiche
  • tomatoes + avocado = a quick and easy side salad or salsa
  • cauliflower + egg + cheese = delicious pizza base
  • double cream yoghurt + fresh strawberries = the ultimate kids’ after-school snack or early breakfast
  • coconut cream + frozen berries + cream = quick and easy frozen pops
  • zucchini soup
  • charred zucchini as a side dish
  • bacon – do I even need to go there? Just add bacon to anything! ;)
    bacon-wrapped fish
    bacon-wrapped chicken livers
  • bacon + broccoli + boerewors = BBB casserole
  • chicken + broccoli + blue cheese = blue cheese chicken & broccoli dish

There are still so many more great ideas for these ingredients – what would yours be for these 14 LCHF pantry & fridge essentials?



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