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15 Budget LCHF Meals To See You Through The End Of The Month

I’ve heard the term ‘Januworry’ pop up a lot lately and it’s true, January can feel like a loooong month!
But, whatever the month or the situation might be, I’ve got you covered.
Here’s my compilation of 15 Budget LCHF Meals To See You Through The End Of The Month.

Don’t Januworry, these budget LCHF meals are by no means skimpy on taste! You’ll be eating like royalty, but on a pauper’s budget.

These recipes all have inexpensive ingredients that won’t cost you an arm and a leg and that you could easily stretch into more than one meal.

Let’s start with a light salad-like meal; a salad that’ll hit the spot and only needs a few key ingredients:

I love these spicy little aubergine rolls; they also make great appetizers.

Another great, inexpensive salad is this Low Carb Tabbouleh:

A firm post-run favourite at our running club!

When times are tough, {or even when they’re not and you need a quick fish-fix} a can of tuna is always a great protein source and can really jazz up a simple salad:

Or make it a bake!

Tuna melt bake

I like to keep things simple at dinnertime with an easy chicken bake. You can often buy chicken pieces in bulk and freeze what you’re not using.

Another great tip to save money AND effort, is to use up leftovers in new dishes.

Use up leftover chicken in this zoodle bake:

Zucchini is such an easy veggie to grow at home and you’ll definitely have tons of uses for it!

Chicken livers are a great source of fat and protein and they’re really cheap too.

Whip up a pan of rich shakshuka for breakfast OR dinner, you’ll be in for a treat!

When it comes to beef, you can get really excellent cuts that are full of flavour and not too expensive.

Forget about steaks and fillets, choose stewing beef, short rib or chuck. These are all full of flavour and inexpensive, but just require a bit of extra time…

Ground beef is also a great option for Budget LCHF Meals and is SO versatile!

Take a look at these recipes, all using ground beef {minced beef} and other inexpensive ingredients:

Burgers are one of my favourite options when it comes to beef mince, and you can really top them with whatever ingredients you have.

These ‘skinny’ burgers are topped with a fresh cucumber salad, making them really inexpensive, yet super delish:

A good curry is also a great budget meal, especially if your pantry already contains the basic spices.

This fish curry can be made using frozen hake fillets as opposed to more expensive fresh fish.

What’s your go-to budget meal?


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