30-Day Hamstring Challenge


I’ve got some great tips and expert advice on how to heal a torn hamstring with my 30-day hamstring challenge.

Yes – a torn hamstring…

30-Day Hamstring Challenge

I’ve been having some issues with my hamstring since the end of last year and after countless chiro sessions, sports massages, etc, it turns out that my poor ol’ hammie has suffered a tear at some stage.
The scar tissue that formed, caused some serious pain and stiffness and so began my journey to fix it:

I started out with sessions at the chiropractor:
Back adjustments
Dry needling {acupuncture}

It provided some relief, but not in the long run.

{This hamstring injury also prevented me from doing the Two Oceans Half Marathon :( }

Next step was to go and see someone who specialises in running injuries and the likes – enter the expert: Mike Roscoe, AKA #AskGuruMike at SBR Sport who did a very thorough Runner’s Leg Assessment:

“Heidi came to see me a few months ago with a high hamstring tendinopathy. The tendinopathy mentioned causes a dull pain at the top of the hamstrings where they attach by the sit bones or more accurately, the ischial tuberosity. Both L & R biceps femoris and semi membranosis were tight and had trigger points.

We  did the following:
1.      A runners leg assessment where we looked at running gait issues, which
shoes to wear, levels of flexion etc.
2.      Homework was given that included stretches and strengthening exercises.
Core and hip stabilization exercises were suggested.
3.      I met her on a few occasions to release the muscles in question. Work was
also done on the calves and lower back. Modalities included the application of
kinesio tape and dry needling.”

Mike also writes a great blog on all things Swimming, Biking and Running-related.

With the additional help of Pinterest {what was the world like before Pinterest?!?} I devised my own 30-minute yoga sequence to help open up stiff hips and stretch out the hammies.

Here it is:
{I would start off with a warrior pose on both sides, followed by a quad stretch, then a ‘bowling-hamstring-stretch’ and finally a few hip thrusters / tabletop moves.}

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{I did #1, 2, 4, 6 & 7}

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{I did #2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 – reverse pigeon}

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{I did all 5}

I did this for 30 minutes each day, for 30 days, along with a bi-weekly remedial sports massage to loosen up the fascia.

It really did work – I felt much more supple and as time went by, my hammies hurt less.

I am, however, not yet injury-free, because I stopped with my stretches…

My hammies are a whole lot better and with frequent stretching, I’ll get there eventually.

The key is to make time everyday to do some form of stretching – just like brushing your teeth – otherwise you run the risk of injury, no matter how fit and strong you are.

Regular sports massages {at least once a month} are also key to help loosen-up those tight muscles, especially the deeper ones.

Hope that helps!

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Will you take on my 30-day hamstring challenge? Let me know how it worked for you!

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