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7 LCHF Dishes For Weightloss

LCHF, Low Carb, Banting, Keto – these terms all refer to a ‘diet’ or way of eating that is high in fat and low in carbs.
Simply put, by keeping your carbs low and eating more healthy fats, we turn our bodies into fat-burning machines, by making fat available for energy, instead of glucose.
So what does an optimal LCHF dish look like?
I’ve put together 7 LCHF dishes for weightloss, that illustrate ideal ratios of fat, protein and carbs to help you lose weight.

Keep in mind that we want to take note of the nett carbs, that is basically the sugar part and not the fibre, and that protein-intake should be moderate as opposed to high.

Bacon, chocolate & butter are just some of the delicious ingredients found in my favourite LCHF dishes for weightloss!

Zucchini & Chorizo Soup

255 calories per serving
22 g fat
9 g protein
3 g nett carbs


Low Carb Dark Chocolate Brownies

117 calories per serving
9 g fat
3 g protein
1 g nett carbs


Best-Ever Spinach Quiche

424 calories per serving
36 g fat
15 g protein
2 g nett carbs


LCHF Choc-Nut Fudge

214 calories per serving
26 g fat
6 g protein
1 g nett carbs


Bulletproof Coffee {BPC}

153 calories per serving
17 g fat
0 g protein
0 g nett carbs


Bacon Crisps with Guacamole

234 calories per serving
19 g fat
11 g protein
1 g nett carbs


Jalapeño Poppers

66 calories per piece
5 g fat
4 g protein
1 g nett carbs

*The pie-charts show higher carb counts, as they depict the overall carbs

Remember that high-fat food is also high in calories and even if your carbs are low, if you’re eating too many calories, you will continue to gain weight.

What would a typical day’s meals look like when following a LCHF ‘diet’?

Breakfast: BPC
Meal 1 – late breakfast / early lunch: Spinach quiche + choc nut fudge
Meal 2 – early dinner: Zucchini soup
In-between ‘snack’ if you’re feeling hungry: a small handful of macadamia nuts

total total-2

Obviously everyday won’t look like this, but this is a good example of the correct ratios of fat, protein and carbs.
In fact, the protein could be a little higher – aim for 30%.

It might be a good idea to go on a fat fast every few months, as this really helps to reset your appetite-gauge.
Click here for more info on the fat fast.

Eggs are also a really good source of nutrition, with only 70 calories, 5 g fat, 0.2 g of carbs and 6 g of protein.
I make sure I have eggs daily!

What does a typical day for you look like?

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