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EASY Beef Short Rib with Cauli Mash

Ok, so I must admit, pretty much all beef short rib dishes are easy – it’s one of those great dishes that just needs time.

It’s totally underrated too; quite a cheap meat to buy, yet people rarely bother with it, perhaps feeling slightly intimidated by this tough meat…

Read on for my top tips to cook this lip-smacking dish of succulent, slow-cooked beef short rib with cauli mash:

Here are my top tips for cooking this lip-smacking dish of succulent, slow-cooked beef short rib:

  1. Season
  2. Sear
  3. Time

Servings: 4
Time: overnight {11hrs} + 30 mins
Difficulty: easy

You will need:

+- 1 kg beef short rib
white pepper
bacon fat / neutral coconut oil
1/2 tin chopped tomatoes
6 garlic cloves, smashed
3/4 tin {use tomato tin to measure} dry red wine
1/2 tin chicken stock
1 head of cauliflower
a dollop of cream cheese

Start by seasoning the meat with salt and white pepper.

Heat the bacon fat or coconut oil in a large pot and sear the meat properly. It should be a really golden brown all over.

Place the browned meat in a slow cooker and add the chicken stock, garlic and tomatoes.
Keep the pot {that you used to brown the meat} on a hot stove and add the wine, allowing it to deglaze the pot.

Add the wine to the slow cooker too and cook on low for 11 hours.

For the cauli mash:
Cook the cauliflower until soft, then purée it using a stick blender.
Season with salt & white pepper and add a dollop of butter and cream cheese.
Mix thoroughly and serve with the short rib.

Beef short rib is super-tasty and paired with a creamy cauli mash, it’s total soul food.

This recipe is low in carbs, without any sugars or thickeners and is perfect for a LCHF {low carb high fat} or Paleo diet or lifestyle.

I’m making the most of my slow-cooker for these last few days of Winter, before we dive in to salads, salads, and more salads…

Share this recipe with friends or even surprise them with this dish at your next get-together!


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