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Berry Booster


I totally believe in the healing powers of food and this berry medley packs a powerful punch!

With the changing season, we’ve all been a bit sniffly, especially the kids.

They don’t want to eat anything when they’re not feeling well and that actually just makes things worse…

This Berry Booster helped to bring down my little one’s fever, gave him an energy boost and gave him some much-needed nutrients.

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[recipe title=”Berry Booster” servings=”2″ time=”5mins” difficulty=”super-easy”]

You will only need these 3 ingredients:

2 cups of frozen berries {blackberries, raspberries & strawberries}
1 tsp honey
1 tbs double cream {Greek} yoghurt

Blitz it all up in a blender and serve.

The berries provide much-needed antioxidants, Vit.C and magnesium, while the honey soothes sore throats.


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