Oink-Oink: Low Carb Pork Dishes

Bowls of Pulled Pork Heaven

Pulled Pork – probably the best thing EVER since you-know-what!

It’s super easy too…

IMG_9374 (1024x683)

Pair it up with buttery cauli mash and you’re in for a real treat:

IMG_9379 (1024x683)

Here’s what you’ll need:

1kg pork roast, bone-in
Butt Rub
1 cup of beef stock
1 cauliflower head, steamed
1 tbs butter
1 tbs cream
Red chili
Cove of garlic, chopped
Fresh coriander, chopped and some extra sprigs for garnishing

Start by rubbing the entire pork roast with Butt rub.
Let it absorb the flavours for 2  hours before cooking.
After your roast has marinated for 2 hours, place it in a slow cooker {crock pot}, add 1 cup of beef stock and let it cook for 6 hours.

Once the roast is done, take 2 forks and pull the meat apart and from the bone. Mix it with the cooking juices.

For the cauli mash, take the cooked cauliflower, add a tbs of butter, some chopped red chili, garlic and chopped coriander and blitz it all together with a stick blender.
Add a splash of cream and season with salt.

Serve the pulled pork with cauli mash and a sprig of fresh coriander = instant happiness!

Enjoy! X

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