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BPC – All Aboard the Bulletproof Express!

Hello – you might think I’ve gone mad, like, ‘BPC has been around for years, where have you been?!’
Well, I’m not an early-adopter, I like to check things out first, and if it seems like a goodie, I’ll give it a go.

BPC {bulletproof coffee} my friends, is a goodie.

Don’t get me wrong, I have tried it before, but I went about it all wrong.

In fact, I actually got the whole LCHF concept wrong… Yep.

Even though our lifestyle has been low carb for years now, it has been more on the Paleo side, with moderate amounts of healthy fats, a bit more protein and the occasional fruits.

That worked for us – both hubby and I are quite active and we have 2 young, very busy boys.

As the blog grew and I became more ‘active’ in the LCHF community, our fat-intake also increased, which is a good thing; but I’m afraid we didn’t adapt our total food-intake.
So we were really eating too much, without realising it.

I would guzzle down a BPC before gym, then have a giant breakfast of 3 eggs, bacon and avocado after my workout. Yikes.

I didn’t feel great.

That kind of continued for a year or so and then we cut down on the fats a bit – not consciously trying to up our fat-intake, still eating low carb, but also eating too much.
{We love good food!}

Then, a few months ago, I decided to try this fat fast business.
I tried it for a few reasons:
1. I’ve been very slowly gaining some weight that I battled to shake off, even though I was eating right
2. I needed to reset my appetite

So – read here about my fat fast experience – then fast-forward to today…

After doing the fat fast, I realised that I was eating waaaay too much.

Now, here’s the kicker, and I will probably get some criticism, but the age-old principle of calories-in-calories-out really does apply…  Perhaps not in the traditional sense, or what most people believe – read here for an in-depth explanation.

Let me explain:

Because we’re eating the right calories {calories mostly from fat, with the best nutritional value}, we do need less.
So according that logic, you will lose weight when you follow a LCHF diet.

Here’s where the confusion sets in: eat as much as you like, as long as you eat the correct things and eliminate sugar and processed grains and wheat from your diet…
You see, even if you eat right, eating too much will still make you slowly but surely gain weight, or at the very least stop you from losing weight…

And yes, we’re in this as a lifestyle, but who wants to gain weight, however slowly?

Ok, I’m getting to my point here:

The fat fast helped me to reset my appetite – I realised that I don’t need as much food and that eating higher fat kept me full for longer.
High fat percentages equals more calories equals less food all-together…
So you eat less – makes sense?!

This is where BPC comes in and has helped me tremendously.

I start everyday {between 7 & 7:30} with a cup of BPC {bulletproof coffee} first thing, on an empty stomach.
This helps to kick ketosis into gear and fire up your metabolism.

This keeps me full until around lunchtime or late morning.

I then have my traditional breakfast.
It’s such a great, complete food, packed with healthy fats and protein, but with surprisingly low calories and no carbs. Read here for the health benefits of eggs – especially point #10.

I will eat 1 or 2 eggs – usually hard-boiled with a slice of cheese and dollop of butter, or scrambled – and that keeps me going for the rest of the day.

If I do get hungry again later, possibly late-afternoon, I’ll snack on some veggies or macadamia nuts. I also like to keep a jar of broccoli soup in the fridge, which is also great for a late-afternoon snack.

Usually, if I have a late-afternoon snack, I find I’m not hungry at dinnertime {which is also early – around 6pm} and just skip it altogether.

SO the trick really is to only eat when you’re hungry, BUT you need to listen to your body and it often needs a bit of a reset, because eating too much fat is also no good…

Here’s my very easy way to whip up a quick BPC – because who has time for blenders and frothers and special thingies…?!

Step 1: Get a gym shaker {the kind you’d use to mix up a protein shake}
Fill with strong black filter coffee
Add a tablespoon of good quality butter
Then add a tablespoon of cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil
Add a tiny splash of cream

Step 2: Shake vigorously

Now onto step 3: Pour into your favourite mug {or if you’re on the go – enjoy straight from your shaker}

Step 4: Enjoy!

It’s that simple – now go on and enjoy!
{And yes, BPC makes me a bit more alert and happy and compliant in the mornings…}



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