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Colourful Chicken & Broccoli Dish

I love these dishes that only use one pot! Plus, it’s easy too – especially for a weeknight dinner… Who has the time to cook an elaborate meal whilst trying to get the kids through the bath, preventing them from murdering each other AND enjoying your precious glass of vino?! {Just kidding ;) }

Righty-hoo, here it is:

IMG_8866 (1024x896)

{Such a simple dish, with bold flavours and bright colours – everyone will love it! And of course, it’s totally Low-Carb-, Banting- AND Paleo-friendly!}

You will need:

8 chicken pieces {4 thighs and 4 drumsticks, or any pieces you like}
1 head of broccoli, broken into florets
Peppadew spice
1 packet of streaky bacon {250g, cut into small pieces}
1 cup small rosa or cherry tomatoes
2 tbs olive oil
1 tbs butter

Start by heating the butter and placing the chicken pieces skin down into a large pot. {Be sure to check the time, or perhaps set a timer, as the chicken needs to cook for about 50 min to an hour.}
Season the chicken with Peppadew spice.
Brown the chicken pieces and then turn them over and season with some more Peppadew spice.
Add the bacon.
Once the bacon has cooked, add the tomatoes and place a lid on the pot.
When the chicken is almost ready, after about 45min, add the broccoli and olive oil and cover again, letting the broccoli steam for about 10 minutes.

Serve and enjoy! x

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