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Energy-Boosting Low Carb Chocolate Granola

Chocolate for breakfast?! You bet!

This was actually one of those happy accidents, where you set out to make one thing and it becomes another…

These were meant to be energy bars for running, but something went wrong with the consistency and they just kept on crumbling.

Nevertheless – the result was some seriously awesome, energy-boosting low carb chocolate granola.
Did you notice, CHOCOLATE granola?

Choc-Nut Granola Fuel {LCHF, Paleo, Sugar-Free}


IMG_9425 (932x1024)

This low carb chocolate granola is great for those days when you just feel so tired and in a slump – or if you’re bound to have a busy day ahead.
Even more perfect for a pre-race / pre-workout breakfast.

No sugar & relatively low in carbs carbs – just all-natural, nutty goodness with all the good fats!

Enjoy! X

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