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Fuel Up with a Hearty Breakfast

We blinked and it’s almost Christmas…

Frenzied last-minute gift shopping, chaotic family get-togethers and food-prepping like there’s no tomorrow… This doesn’t really depict a serene Christmas-feel, does it?


Moral of the story – plan ahead and get stuff done, Christmas should be a peaceful and calm time with family and friends.

Nevertheless, this IS a more taxing time of year when we rush to get things done, entertain lots of kiddies that are on school holiday, host friends & family, and yes, cook up a feast for Christmas lunch!
It is also an exciting time of year, filled with fun, laughter, cinnamon, spice and love.
I LOVE Christmas time! And this year, I’m lucky enough to spend it with my amazing parents, baby brother and of course my hubby and boys.

Here is a great family breakfast that’s quick to prepare and will keep tummies full for all the day’s activities.



You will need:
Ground beef
Cheese, grated
Sour cream
Olive oil

You will need 1 egg per wrap: whisk together the egg with a splash of cream and fry in butter over a medium heat. Place the lid on the pan and allow the wrap / pancake to cook through.
Simply slide it out of the pan and repeat.

Chop up a few tomatoes, sprinkle with salt and olive oil and let it marinade for a few minutes before serving.

Mash up a few avocados, season with salt.

Grate some cheese of your choice.

Cook the ground beef in butter and season with salt & pepper.

Lay out all the ingredients, along with some sour cream and allow your guests to create their own breakfast wrap. It’s kinda like an omelette that brings people together :)

A fun way to serve breakfast – viva #holidayfood! X

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