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Hey SuperMama! What’s your go-to-recipe?

Something I often think about is a signature dish or go-to-recipe…

Do I have one? When I think of others, I try and pinpoint theirs…

What IS a signature dish? Is it a no-fail, never-disappoint dish that your family loves and you’ve mastered? Or is it a show-stopper you reserve for special occasions?

Or maybe a combination of those?

Anyways,  I reckon that everyone should have some sort of go-to-recipe or dish.
It can be a current flavour-of-the-month, a show-stopper, or an age-old family favourite.

Right, so before I share FIVE of my go-to-recipes, there’s this…

Apart from just having a signature / go-to dish to make life easier, it also helps to make you feel like you have your sh*t together.

Being a grownup, and especially being a mom, can be flippin’ tough! I’ve never experienced such a rollercoaster ride than being a mom…
One day you’re the best, you’ve remembered everything AND your kids are pretty chuffed with you. {You even get a few extra cuddles}
The next day, you’re late {again} for school, you forgot to remind your 5-year-old to take along his stuff for show-and-tell {that he worked SO very hard on and was SO excited to present at school} and now once again he’ll have nothing to show… Even though he should take some responsibility, it ultimately rests on you {me} and thus your day is ruined now – breaker of little 5-your-old hearts :(


It may sound completely sexist, but I still believe that moms and wives should be able to provide hearty, home-cooked meals for their families. It doesn’t have to be complicated recipes, or even anything fancy.
But you do need a few tricks up your sleeve…

Our meals tend to center around proteins and veggies, with our low carb lifestyle.  {Check out my library of over 200 recipes and 60 week’s worth of meal plans}
I try and make things easier for myself by not making different meals for the kids – we all eat the same food. That said, sometimes we have to adapt a little and make our meals more kid-friendly.

A good ol’ roast chicken is such a versatile dish and who doesn’t like chicken?

Pair it with roast veggies, sweet potato wedges or a yummy salad. I love using roast chicken for leftovers too – soup or chicken mayo lettuce wraps; even just chicken strips in lunch boxes.

One of my kids’ favourites has to be ribs and we love it this way – crispy pork belly ribs.

You can adjust the amount of heat for the kids by sprinkling fresh chillies on top when serving. Just skip the chillies for the kids…

These ribs are also a show-stopper dish for a dinner party.

So, I love aubergines, but they’re not the most popular veggie on the block. By adding heaps of flavours and comforting melted cheese, this veggie gets a fabulous make-over that everyone will love.

You can even use your leftover roast chicken for this one ;)

No recipe arsenal would be complete without a couple of desserts and these are dead-easy to make!

Chocolate mousse – because once you’ve made your own, no store-bought mousse will ever measure up.

Plus – this is sugar-free, a definite bonus – and again, a winner at a dinner party or any non-occasion really…

Panna cotta is another show-stopper and with the basic recipe, you can create any flavour variation you can think of.

Dead-easy to make too.

So SuperMama, you’ve got this! X

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