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Hearty Green Veg Salad

Ah – holiday time, what a wonderful time of the year!

Kids are home and you might have some visitors… They all need feeding and with as little a fuss as possible.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be focusing even more on fast, fresh and simple foods {isn’t that the title of one of Donna Hay’s books..? Love her!} that will be big on taste and low on effort.

Look out for #holidayfood.

Look, my usual recipes are all relatively quick and easy, but these have an extra holiday ‘sparkle’, they’ll all have the #kidapproved stamp and you’ll be able to whip up large quantities in no time at all.

Here’s today’s recipe – it’s a fabulous veggie salad that can be served as is for a light lunch or you could add some leftover strips of steak to make it more substantial.
You could also have this as a side dish for your braai or barbecue.
It’s very filling, packed with all the green superheroes and super tasty!


You will need:

1 head of broccoli, broken into florets and blanched
1 large zucchini {like, properly large, or use 2-3 normal-sized ones, thinly sliced}
1 avocado, sliced
1 cup Brussels sprouts, halved
1 small red apple, diced
Sheep’s milk cheese or you could also use goat’s milk cheese

Grill the zucchini ribbons in some olive oil in a pan, until they’re golden and cooked.
Once those are done, set them aside and use the same pan for the Brussels sprouts. Add a dollop of butter to the pan and roast the sprouts, along with the apple. Once they’re browned, turn down the heat, add a splash of water and place the lid onto the pan and let them steam for 2-3 minutes until soft.
Arrange all the items onto a pretty plate and dot the cheese on top.
{Sheep’s milk cheese is a very soft and delicate flavoured cheese. You could use goat’s cheese too, although it does have a stronger taste.}

Serve with olive oil and enjoy! X

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