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I am thankful for…

So, seeing as last week was a whirlwind of travel, birthday celebrations, jetlag and Thansksgiving festivities, I thought I’d dedicate this #TBT to the American tradition of Thansksgiving.

I’m thankful for a lot of things – but here are my top 3:
I’m thankful for my parents and the way they’ve raised me.
I’m thankful for my husband and our life together.
I’m thankful for my boys and the endless laughs, love and cuddles.

I’m also thankful for chocolate. Oh yes indeed!

And wine…

{And big glasses…}

I’m thankful to be able to pursue the things I love doing and to be there for my kiddos and my husband.

I’m thankful for all our wonderful friends – new and old, near and far!

I’m also thankful for this magnificent seafood feast:







Baby scallops & prawns – flash fried in butter, garlic and chili, with a butter & cream sauce {made with white wine in the same pan to loosen the fried bits, with butter and cream, reduced.}

King crab – boiled in salt water, with a homemade mayo, garlic & chili dipping sauce.

Baby octopus – boiled in salt water, served also with the butter and cream sauce.

Smoked fish {Cobia} – smoked with wood chips, on a low temp for about an hour.

Tomato & avo salsa – to go with the fish – with fresh coriander, lime juice, garlic, chili and salt to taste.

All enjoyed with a few glasses of crisp Pinot Grigio of course ;)

What better #holidayfood can you get? A spread that really brings people together, plus it’s all low carb / paleo / banting friendly and easy to prepare. Perfect #holidayfood!


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