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It’s My Blogiversary – Let’s Have Cake!

It’s my Blogiversary – and I can cry waffle on if I want to… {la-la-la}

Let’s have cake…

Low Carb Zucchini & Blueberry Mini Cakes - Square

Yes, Foodie goes Primal is a full year ‘old’ today and lots have happened and is still happening.

I feel differently about a lot of things, but essentially the foundations are still the same.

I started this blog a year ago, wanting to share my healthy and mostly low carb / banting / paleo recipes and lifestyle.

My family’s health and well-being has been my driving force throughout, as well as my passion for cooking and eating, and it still is!

I’ve had a few mindset changes along the way – reading probably way too much and conflicting ‘lifestyle’ advice – ranging from no carbs, to healthy carbs to eating yourself into a stupor every morning, to intermittent fasting and so on and so forth…

I’ve often worn the mask of food ‘Nazi’…
{A few incidences spring to mind, but just recently I had a talk with the school principle about all the sugar being concealed in the food, etc. and she looked at me as though I was a leaf-wearing-hippie-with-bushy-underarm-hair…
No offence to anyone that fits that description ;)
I still believe my points were valid, but I’ve realised I might have come on a bit strong.}

There is just SO much information out there, and most of it is conflicting info…

I might have written about this before, but it’s struck me anew – stick to the basics and make it a lifestyle change:

I’d rather have an apple in a smoothie or a salad every once in a while than have some artificial sweeteners with everything.

We need to lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle for our children.

Teach them to enjoy healthy veggies and fruits on occasion – think of fruit as a treat rather than something to consume daily.
Give them whole {raw if possible and you are ok with it} milk and make sure it’s got as little as possible additives. {You’d be surprised}
Give them plain,full fat yoghurt with strawberries or a drizzle of honey, instead of sugar-filled low-fat chemical nonsense yoghurt…

I can go on forever…

Then there are people who will absolutely annihilate me for even adding a teaspoon of honey / balsamic vinegar / whatever to a dish…

I’d rather have a teaspoon of honey, proper honey of course, filled with goodness, instead of some chemical concoction.

Even soy – which I know is seriously bad – but I honestly don’t mind a spoonful of soy sauce every now and then to enhance the flavour of a dish..

I think it basically comes down to following some sort of primal lifestyle – avoiding the processed stuff at all costs, avoiding sugar and grains.
Stick to whole foods.
If possible – buy organic and grass-fed.
{Isn’t it so simple? Why do we always want to complicate things..?}

And you know what, kids will be kids and they will be exposed to sugar and sweets from time to time…
My approach?
Let them have some sweets on occasion – but monitor it.
I’d rather have my kids lead a healthy lifestyle and teach them to choose healthy, with the occasional sugar, etc, than having those things as the norm.

It truly is difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle, when people are always criticizing and making you doubt your own judgement {when all you want is a giant bar of chocolate or a piece of bad, bad, sugar-filled cake} – but why should the healthy option be frowned-upon..?

Enough ranting –  let’s have some {good} cake!!!

Low Carb Zucchini & Blueberry Mini Cakes

This recipe is from Carolyn over at All Day I Dream About Food {sounds familiar!}.

I used xylitol instead of Swerve, as we don’t get Swerve in SA…
Both of these are acceptable, natural sweeteners.

I try and not use xyiltol too often, as it IS still a sweetener, albeit natural.

I’ve tried so many low carb baked goods and they’re normally a big waste of time and money, but let me tell you – this one is a winner!!!

The first time I made it was for a friend’s birthday and everyone loved it – they didn’t even realise it was low carb… Think nutty torte, similar to a carrot cake…

This time round, I made mini cakes and reduced the baking time to 30 minutes.
{It made about 12 mini cakes}


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