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Kassler Chops with Creamy Spinach

Upon special request – here is a delicious {and VERY simple} recipe for a dish with Kassler chops.

IMG_9282 (1024x683)

I got these fab chops from Woolworths – they’re already wood smoked, so you really just have to cook them to heat through and brown.

[recipe title=”Kassler Chops with Creamy Spinach” servings=”2″ difficulty=”easy”]

You will need:

1 Kassler chop
4 cups of Swiss chard spinach
1 onion, chopped
1/2 cup of cream
Salt & white pepper
Pinch of nutmeg

Heat a tbs of butter in a pan.
Pan fry the Kassler chop until golden brown – set aside and slice into strips.

Use the same pan and add another dollop of butter.
Saute the onion until soft, then add spinach and season.
Cook until the spinach has wilted down.
Add the cream and let it reduce a little bit.

Place the spinach in a blender and blend until smooth. This really is the key to great creamed spinach the whole family loves!

IMG_9284 (1024x683)

This is one of those really simple, super tasty and easy-to-eat-while-watching-your-favourite-TV-show mid-week dishes!

A mouthful – enjoy! X

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  • Chanele Edwards
    February 18, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    I really enjoy reading your blog and the food you present, especially because you’re healthy. Can I ask what Kassler is? Never heard of it before. Do you have any good breakfast ideas? Or lunch ideas that you can prepare in 15minutes or less? Thanks


    • Heidi
      February 19, 2015 at 12:05 pm

      Hi Chanele,

      Thanks! Kassler is a smoked pork chop.
      I have quite a few lunch and breakfast recipes – have a look at my recipes dropdown menu.
      I love to cook food that is easy to prepare and doesn’t take too long – most of my recipes can be done quite quickly.
      Also, most of the dinner recipes can be used for lunch too – especially the salads. Or you can just make some extra the night before and ‘recycle’ it for lunch – that’s what I do most of the time. It does save a lot of time and effort!
      Let me know what type of foods you’d like to see {specific ingredients, etc} and I will post some recipes for you.

      Heidi X

      • Chanele Edwards
        February 19, 2015 at 2:48 pm

        I didn’t see the category drop down box, I was looking for an actual menu bar..oops. I’ll have a look through them. The foods I eat have to be free of gluten, wheat and diary. I’m not allergic to it but I need to adapt to that lifestyle for my PCOS. In regards to actual food types, I’m actually not that picky. Thankyou x