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Top 10 LCHF Halloween Ideas

Who doesn’t love Halloween?
Even here in South Africa, it’s getting more and more popular, with neighbourhoods getting into the trick-or-treat spirit…
Sadly though, Halloween is usually all about the sweets and kids go ape-sh*&…
Luckily, I’ve found some great LCHF Halloween ideas to make the day super-fun and sugar-free!

They’re not all food-related, because you know, it’s not ALL about the food! ;)

Make your LCHF Halloween extra special with these fun foods:

Devilled eggs are a great option, they’re easy to make and a popular addition to the snack table.

Just add black or orange spindly legs and half an olive and you have yourself a plate of creepy-crawly-spiders!

{Quick guide to making devilled eggs: hard-boil some eggs, let it cool and slice open, remove the yolk, mash it up and add mayo. Season with salt, pepper and mustard and mash some more until it’s all smooth. Scoop or pipe dollops back into each egg half.}


Or how about a cute skeleton veg platter?



I really love the idea of these Jack-o-lantern stuffed peppers:


To make these low carb friendly, rather fill with another filling, such as a hidden veg bolognese…


Turn your LCHF pizzas into spooky characters:


Click here for a LCHF pizza base recipe.


Scary apple faces and ghastly ghost banana pops will be a fun trick for the kids!



…or how about these facial delights..?!



You also need some sweet LCHF Halloween treats and these sure look delish:


Spiced pumpkin LCHF truffles… I’m just a sucker for anything pumpkin-spiced! Yum!


These ‘candy’ skulls require a bit of effort, but looks well worth it! Boo-haha..!



If you’re feeling crafty, try out these easy and fun projects:

Halloween Glitter Slime Monsters





I love getting crafty, as long as it’s not too complicated and the kids can craft along too!

You see, your LCHF Halloween can be filled with fun crafts, clever nibbles and a few sugar-free treats too!

Now all you need is a costume…..

For more Halloween ideas, follow my Pinterest board:

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