Dessert: Low Carb Treats

{Chai Latte} Low Carb Custard Ice Cream

Who wants some low carb custard ice cream??

I do, I do!

Chai Latte Custard Ice Cream {LCHF, Sugar-Free} - Square


Ice cream is a ‘proper’ LCHF dessert, because there’s no fiddling around with flours and adding of things to make it ‘like the original version’, you simply replace the sugar with a low carb / banting alternative. You can even leave out the sweetener altogether…

It really is a pure LCHF dessert.

This ice cream is custard-based and is really rich and decadent.
It freezes well and delivers an ultra-smooth texture.

You can use this recipe as your low carb custard ice cream base and play around with different flavours, but if you enjoy a chai-vibe, then you’ll love this one!

I’d love to hear from you – let me know if you enjoyed it and don’t forget to share! X

Cardamom Spice Custard-Based Ice Cream {Low Carb & Sugar-Free} -

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