Entertaining/ Meatilicious: Low Carb Beef & Venison Dishes

Low Carb Hotdogs – Something A Bit Different

Low Carb Hotdogs are such fun!

Instead of stuffing everything into a bun, you just slice open the sausage and stuff all the toppings inside, it’s so clever!

You can go all out and really create a gourmet hotdog feast, with different toppings, condiments and sausages.
Who needs buns when you have these gourmet Low Carb Hotdogs?

This is a great way to host a fuss-free, interactive get-together.
You let your guests do all the work and in turn, they’ll applaud you for hosting such a fun and different cookout or braai experience.

Difficulty: easy

You will need:

sausages of your choice, cooked {check ingredients for additives, sugar, wheat, etc.}
1 onion
mature cheddar cheese
rashers of grilled bacon

Start by making the caramelised onions:
Thinly slice the onion and sauté in butter over a low heat until soft and gooey.

Take a cooked sausage, slice open lengthways {but not all the way through} and fill with sauerkraut, a smear of mustard & mayo, bacon rasher and cheese.

You could also add wild rocket or other greens and sliced Jalapeño peppers.

You know, I reckon a DIY spread like this is perfect for a relaxed and slightly different braai get-together – even for Heritage Day!

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