Prof. Tim Noakes Talks…

I was lucky enough to attend a talk by Prof. Tim Noakes yesterday – what a great man!

Just over a year ago I first bought his book – The Real Meal Revolution – for our book club, because it looked like a really nice cook book. I LOVE cook books and most of our book club members are keen foodies.

I have been following a low carb diet for some time then, but less high fat though… A more Paleo approach, I’d say.

Anyways, so I bought the book, loved the recipes, but never really looked at the scienc-y stuff.
As this banting became more popular, I thought, well let me really have a look and see what it’s about. And I have to say, it’s so fascinating and just makes complete sense!
{I’m not going into the details – if you’re reading this, I assume you know a bit about the topic…}

So, getting back on track here…

Yesterday I attended this talk and it was really great. He pretty much just reminded of the facts in the book and how carbs are really, really bad for you.

To sum it all up:
All these modern ‘diseases’, such as obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc are in fact conditions created by eating a carbohydrate-rich diet {along with sugar and processed foods}.
Most people are to some degree intolerant to carbs, which leads to varying degrees of insulin resistance, causing all of these problems.
We don’t need to add any glucose (which comes directly from carbs) to our diets, as we all have livers that pump out glucose by itself. {Or something to that extent – I’m no doctor!}
Our health begins and ends in our gut and carbs are the cause of unhealthy and inflamed guts.
Fat is our friend and provides the fuel needed for all our daily activities!
You will automatically learn to eat less {thus you’ll lose weight…} as you eat more fat, because fat is a very calorie-dense food and will keep you fuller for longer. {Like diesel for a car!}

I said yesterday that I have no specific New Years resolutions, but I do have this one:
To look after my health.

I’ve really seen what a difference this lifestyle makes to my general well being and state of mind. You feel lighter, not sluggish and bloated or heavy {despite what the scale might say}, you get less hungry and feel more energetic.

Two other things he said, which stood out for me were:

This first was that nothing is ever accomplished by doing things in moderation. You’re either all in or not at all.
An athlete will never win the Olympic Games by training in moderation.
Great success isn’t achieved by working in moderation.
You can’t be a vegan or vegetarian and eat a steak every now and then.
Diesel cars can’t have a little bit of petrol every now and again.
A drug addict can’t take a line of something every now and then, just like an alcoholic can’t have a drink every other day…
When you have a sugar or carb addiction {which is usually the case, especially when someone’s health really suffers} you have to cut those completely and forever.

The other, is that in order to eat healthy and well, we have to learn to cook and teach our children to cook too!
And this for me is the main thing! Nevermind the joy that cooking brings {for me anyways!}, it also empowers us to control exactly what goes into our bodies.
Start reading the labels of some manufactured products – even things that might seem harmless, like a hamburger patty – and you’ll be horrified at what’s inside…
{So, what’s wrong with a hamburger patty? It’s meat after all… Well, yes, but it’s processed and it contains… Wait for it… Rusks! And sugar!}

Anyways, here is my point for today:
I love food, always have and always will, but I’ve discovered that I can still enjoy and savour good, delicious food, without having to compromise my health and well being.
I also love to cook {probably because I love food!} and I love sharing my recipes and ideas – perhaps I shall write a cook book one of these days…

So – eat real food, get cooking and save the occasional treats for special occasions! {Afterall, who doesn’t have a sweet tooth..?}
What have you got to lose?! Well, perhaps just a few kilos and some unwanted conditions… Do it.

KIR {Keep It Real} Heidi x

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