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Rose & Berry Coconut Panna Cotta – A Light Summer Pud

This Rose & Berry Coconut Panna Cotta was inspired by a rosewater jelly I saw recently in a foodie magazine.

And well, I love panna cotta so I just had to make it into a jelly-panna-cotta-dessert

It’s perfect to end off a lazy weekend meal on a hot summer’s day.

A layer of berry jelly, infused with rosewater, topped with a layer of creamy coconut panna cotta and just a hint of rosewater, served with fresh berries…

Rose & Berry Coconut Panna Cotta {LCHF, Banting, Sugar-Free}

This rose & berry coconut panna cotta is relatively easy to make, but it does involve quite a few steps – just be patient.

You’ll need to make this a day in advance.

Rose & Berry Coconut Panna Cotta {LCHF, Banting, Sugar-Free}

[recipe title=”Rose & Berry Coconut Panna Cotta” servings=”12″ time=”1hr prep + chilling time” difficulty=”requires some effort”]

{You can decide whether to have the berry jelly or the panna cotta layer on top – mine has the panna cotta on top, so I started with that first. I.e. the panna cotta mix goes into the bottom of your mould.}

You will need:

{For the panna cotta}
400 ml coconut cream
800 ml regular cream {dairy}
2 tbsp. xylitol castor
1 tbsp. rosewater extract
3 tbsp. gelatine powder, dissolved in a bit of cold water

{For the berry jelly}
300 g mixed frozen berries
1.5 cup water
0.25 cup xylitol castor
2 tsp rosewater extract
10 g {1 sachet} gelatine powder, dissolved in a bit of cold water

Start with the panna cotta if you want that as your top layer:

Heat all the cream together over a gentle heat.
Add the xylitol and let it heat up until almost {but not yet} boiling point.
Add in the blob of gelatine and let it dissolve slowly while stirring continuously.
Add the rosewater and stir.

Let it cool and then pour into your mould{s}.
{I used one large, deep silicone mould that will hold around 2 litres. You could also use individual moulds.}

You will need to allow some time for the panna cotta mixture to fully set before you add the berry layer, otherwise the layers will bleed into each other.
{I made mine in the evening and left it overnight to set.}

To make the berry layer:

Place the frozen berries and water in a small saucepan and gently bring to a simmer.
Add the xylitol and allow it to simmer for about 10 minutes, until everything is infused and the berries start to swell out.

Use a stick blender and blitz the berries until pureed. {Do this in the pot}

Return to the stove and add the gelatine blob to the pureed berries.
Stir until dissolved.

Add the rosewater extract and allow the mixture to cool.

As soon as it’s cool enough {room temp}, pour the berry mixture into the mould onto the set panna cotta.

Return to the fridge and allow at least 4 hours to set properly.

Rose & Berry Coconut Panna Cotta {LCHF, Banting, Sugar-Free}

*If you’re pressed for time, make smaller, individual desserts that will set quicker.

*Turn the mould onto a plate and carefully remove.
Serve with a selection of fresh berries

Rose & Berry Coconut Panna Cotta {LCHF, Banting, Sugar-Free}


I reckon this rose & berry panna cotta adorned with jewel-like fresh berries is perfect for a romantic Valentine’s dessert.

It’s even more perfect for a family-style Valentine’s get-together.

You could also use pretty heart-shaped silicone moulds… The kids just love this one!

Rose & Berry Coconut Panna Cotta {LCHF, Banting, Sugar-Free}

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