Breakfast Fix: Low Carb Breakfast Recipes

Shakshuka with Steak & Spinach

I love the comfort of a yummy bowl of shakshuka – it’s my morning version of comfort food.
It’s naturally Low Carb and consists of eggs poached in a tomato, onion and pepper sauce.

My version is slightly less saucy and minus the peppers, with additional steak and spinach – but hey, it’s still a comforting shakshuka in my books ;)

This is an easy breakfast to throw together for a lazy morning, in fact, it’s my hubby’s specialty…

Servings: 4
Time: 30mins
Difficulty: easy

You will need:
leftover steak, approx 1 large steak, cut into strips
250 g streaky bacon, diced
200 g Swiss chard spinach, washed and roughly chopped
1 onion, diced
2 cups rosa tomatoes / cherry tomatoes
8 eggs
2 red chillies {add more if you like a bit of heat}
salt & pepper

Sauté the onion and bacon in a tablespoon of butter.

Once the onion is soft and the bacon golden, add the steak strips, spinach and tomatoes.
Add the chilli and let it cook for a few minutes – no lid.
When the tomatoes start to get squishy, drop in the eggs, cover and let it cook until the eggs are done to your liking.

Season with salt & pepper.

If you want to make it more saucy, just add a tin of chopped tomatoes along with the fresh tomatoes and let it bubble away.

To make individual dishes, follow the recipe up to where the eggs go in.
Then, get your oven to 180C.
Spoon the shakshuka mix into ramekins, drop in an egg or 2 and bake for 15-20 until the eggs are cooked to your liking.

Seeing as it’s Women’s Day tomorrow, I want to encourage all the men to give this one a try and impress your ladies! You’re welcome ;)

Here’s my guide to the perfect steak that you can make tonight – and remember to keep some for tomorrow’s breakfast:


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