Cluck-Cluck: Low Carb Chicken Dishes

Smokey, Sticky BBQ Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese

There are just some things that go really well together.

Smokey, BBQ chicken wings + blue cheese is one of those winner combos – thanks America!

On our recent visit to the US, we totally fell in love with this killer combo: barbecue chicken wings with blue cheese dipping sauce… HEAVEN!

The wings we got in the States were about 10x bigger than our local ones, but hey…

Anyways, here is my version {low carb of course!}, using drumsticks and thighs, but you can totally use any chicken pieces or just the wings!


Another perfect dish for a relaxed night in or a casual sunset dinner.

Serve with an assortment of baby salad leaves, simply drizzled with a good quality olive oil and ground salt a serviette and finger bowls!

BBQ Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce {Sugar-Free, Paleo, LCHF}


This is definitely something that’s best eaten with your hands!
Relish the smokey, charred, slightly sticky and tangy flavour of the chicken, dipped in the cool, creamy blue cheese dressing…

Total bliss – enjoy! X

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