#TBT What a change, a change in lifestyle can make


Happy Thursday AND a very happy birthday to my one & only {hubby}!

I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately, looking at old photos, thinking of our travels, etc. and realised a few things:

*The past 5 years have gone by quicker than anything
*I’ve done a lot of growing up
*I’ve been so blessed with my own little family
*I’ve gone from student to wife to mom in lightning speed
*I’ve seen so many wonderful and beautiful places






I was also quite surprised to see how chubby we were – I never thought it was that bad…
You know, you’re aware that you’re not exactly skinny and you might want to lose a few kilos, but to see yourself a few years later and realise you were more than a bit chubby, that’s scary.

The thing is, I’m not a dieter. When I restrict myself, it’s all I think about and end up eating EVERYTHING I’m not supposed to.

After we got married in 2010, we spent a year and a half in India {2011 (right after our first son was born) to 2013 (right before our second son was born)} and I think that was my biggest eye-opener to a lot of things. {More on that another time – it’s bound to be a looong blogpost.}
We lived in a small village and was forced to eat only fresh, real, local food. I couldn’t even find ‘staples’ like canned tomatoes! I had to pretty much pluck chickens myself and we did a lot of juicing!

I did my weekly vegetable shopping at the local market, sometimes more than once a week, as everything was totally organic and didn’t last very long. {Makes you think about all the so-called organic produce we buy in our local supermarkets, all easily lasting for weeks in the fridge!}

Anyways, so we ended up eating way more healthy than ever before.
Being more healthy, we automatically became more active and went from super-couch-potatoes to fairly active people.

That got us thinking…

My husband watched The Perfect Human Diet and got me to watch it too.
That’s when we decided to cut out all carbs and processed foods {as much as possible}.

We didn’t go on a diet, didn’t count calories, or anything like that – we simply decided to make a change to our daily eating habits. Permanently.

Sure, every now and then we had a slice of pizza, a cupcake, or whatever, but that was an exception and no longer the norm.

We still stick to those principles and apply the same to our kids.
We are both very active and healthy.
I wouldn’t say that I’ve exactly become thin, however, I’ve certainly lost that chubbiness. I think my up husband lost something like 15kg – and you can see it! {How you doin’? πŸ˜‰ }
I’ve lost 5kg from what I used to weigh before either pregnancies.
Oh, and I also definitely attribute the easy weightloss after pregnancy to this, as well as breast feeding.

So, for me, the bottom line is this:
If you want to live a healthy life and perhaps shed a few kilos permanently, you’ve got to make a lifestyle change – something you can stick to – and keep at it.

Here’s to many more happy, healthy {carb-free} years!

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