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The Ultimate LCHF Grilling Recipes

With Summer still in full swing, I’ve decided to compile my list of The Ultimate LCHF Grilling Recipes.

Living in South Africa, we’re so lucky to have the most gorgeous evenings and sundowns. We really have the perfect ‘braai’ weather, no wonder it’s become our unofficial national sport!

So, get your fires going, your tongs ready and let’s get grilling! {Minus the ‘braai broodjies’…}

Let’s start The Ultimate LCHF Grilling Recipes with these yummy, lick-your-fingers BBQ chicken wings:

They take some time to prep, but it’s worth every minute. I love that you can easily increase this recipe to cater for large crowds.

We all know no braai is complete without a big, juicy steak!

I reckon, keep it simple, don’t overcook and you’ll never go wrong!

You’ve never had chicken like this before – flame-grilled is definitely best and the way to go!

We just love throwing a couple of sausages onto the grill for an easy weeknight cookout, and the kids love it too!

Turning them into bun-less hotdogs is a great way to have grilled sausage.

I never used to be a great fan of lamb chops, but since making them this way, they’re a firm favourite!

And while we’re on the topic of lamb – these ribs are a MUST! They make a great starter or nibbler if you’re having an all-day get-together.

I grew up in the Cape and my childhood was filled with endless fish-braais, especially during the December holidays.

It’s quite quick and easy to grill – we just love it!

Aah – burgers! The classic of the grill?

Well, we enjoy our flame-grilled burgers on Friday nights.

I usually lay out different toppings and everyone can build their own burger, or I make one of these versions:

And who ever said that burgers were only for dinner?

What’s your favourite food to grill / barbecue / flame-grill / braai?

P.S. We all need a little bit of help every now and then – nothing wrong with that! If you’d like some help planning your LCHF meals and menus, just click here.

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