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Top Tips for a Low Carb Vacation

I’m back from a fabulous and much-needed mini vacation!

We visited friends in the stunning Lowveld and then spent a few days in the Kruger National Park.

When you’re preparing for a vacation, the 2 most important things to plan are:

Whether you’re staying at a fully catered hotel or a self-catering lodge, you’ll still need to pack SOME snacks and things…

Here are my Top Tips for Road Trip eating:

Eat before you leave home – make sure you eat a good breakfast / lunch/ dinner {depending obviously on the time you travel}, something that is filling but won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable.

{If you are hungry while driving, you’ll just end up eating junk food or eating too much}

If you don’t have time to eat before you leave, pack a travel-friendly meal:
Mini frittatas
Cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, etc.
Cheese cubes

Take enough water
Pack a flask of hot tea or coffee – especially for early morning departures

Pack some low carb nut rusks, roasted nuts, biltong and cheese to nibble on for long journeys.

Top Tips for Traveling with Kids:
Supply each child with an activity tray that fits over their car seats.


Fill the tray with an assortment of toys:
Small cars, plastic animals, crayons, colouring-in books, puzzles, etc.
Pack a small lunch bag with a selection of yummy treats:
Keep it low carb, but do add a small packet of sweets/cookies or some popcorn
Remember a CD with their favourite songs!
Position the kids as far apart as possible! They shouldn’t be tempted to annoy one another.

If you’re staying at a self-catering lodge / chalet, you will have to take along your food supplies.
Remember to keep it simple – you won’t be cooking up Masterchef dishes..! ;)

No, you’ll probably braai every night.

Here’s my menu for our 4-day Kruger stay:

Day 1 – Dinner: {We arrived late afternoon}
Sausage on the braai with a salad {leafy greens, mini rosa tomatoes, avocado & olives}

Day 2 – Breakfast:
Coffee and low carb rusks {we went on an early morning game drive, so there was no time for a sit-down breakfast}
Double cream plain yoghurts

Salad platter {leafy greens, tomatoes, avocado, salami sticks & cheese}



Chicken & chorizo paella with cauli rice
{stir-fry onion, garlic and cauli rice in butter; cook chicken pieces, add chorizo and cooked ‘rice’ and cook until ready}

Day 3 – Breakfast:
{Early morning game drive – breakfast was in the car!}
Hard-boiled eggs
Cream cheese squares

Steaks on the braai with avocado

Steak salad {leftover from lunch, with leafy greens, tomatoes, cheese, avo & olive oil}

Day 4 – Breakfast: {This was our last day and last game drive, so once again, breakfast was in the car}
Coffee & low carb rusks
We stopped en-route for a late breakfast of omelettes.

I bought everything once we were there, except for the rusks, which I brought from home.

Fail to plan – plan to fail!

Being a list-junkie, I LIVE for planning trips, packing, planning the menu, etc!

I hope this helps you on your next road trip / vacation! X

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