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Top Tips for #Lowcarb #Entertaining

Happy Monday! Maybe a blue one?

Ok, well to perk you up, I have some top tips for low-carb entertaining…

It’s always a difficult one when you’re having guests over while following a low carb lifestyle. Especially when you’re doing a braai or barbecue.

A braai broodjie is a traditional South African toasted sandwich, made with tomato, cheese and onion, and it gets toasted on the fire.

Ok fine, let’s lose the braai broodjie…

What about potatoes? A nice and crispy baguette or ciabatta? Chips for snacks? hmmm…

You don’t need any of those to have a fabulous braai on a lovely day! Nobody will even notice if you don’t have those, so fret not, here are my top tips:

  • Keep it simple!
    Decide on a main meat item (such as lamb on the spit, or a fab roast, ribs or whatever – but remember, beware of sugary marinades and processed ready-to-eat meats)
    Choose a couple of side dishes – some veggies and a salad that’s not too time-consuming to make, yet tastes absolutely incredible
  • Make sure you prep everything in advance – a lesson I have learnt by now, it’s never fun to have to run around and prep everything while your guests are arriving.
    No, rather greet them with a glass of wine in hand, super-relaxed!
  • Buy or make a few low carb snacks for your guests to nibble on while the food is being cooked {try and rather make it yourself – that way, you know and can control exactly what is inside!}
  • {This one is not necessarily a low carb tip – but crucial!}
    Make separate ‘goodie bags’ / snack packs for the kids
    This little tip is a winner and the other parents will love you for it!


Spicy bacon nuts:

1 tub of Woolies Luxury tree nuts – salted & roasted

500g streaky bacon

2tsp ground cumin

1 tsp cayenne pepper

pinch of nutmeg

1 tbs butter

Place the bacon in an oven dish and grill until crispy {you have to turn them halfway through}, then cut them into little bites once it’s cooled.

Place the nuts in a large pot and toast them a little bit.
Add the bacon fat and the butter and toast the nuts until they’re golden.
Add the spice and toss until it’s all coated.
Next, add the bacon and a splash of water.
Return the bacon nuts to an oven dish {lined with baking paper} and bake at 160C for about 5-10 minutes, just to dry out a bit.
{Adapted from The Real Meal Revolution}


Veggie chips – ok these are not that good for you, but I reckon you can make the exception for a social gathering, at least you’re not having potato chips!
These ones from Woolies are fab – look out for them in the chips aisle. They’re made from carrots, sweet potato and beetroot.

Biltong sticks – always a favourite at any braai.

Kids’ packs:

{Ok, just a little FYI before we tackle the kids’ packs:
Kids will be kids and that’s just that – yes, they might love their veggies and healthy stuff when it’s just you guys at home, but add a couple of peers and they.want.sweets! They want bread and they want bad stuff.
YOU can limit it – work in a healthy treat like the mozzarella sticks and a 100% fruit juice – just check the sugar content. And yes, then add a small packet of sweets or something yummy and party-ish. Don’t have bowls of the stuff for them to inhale…
Also – let them have what the adults are having, but perhaps put out a few nibbles specially for them, maybe some sausages or something like that.}

Mozzarella sticks – also from Woolies, or make your own by cutting ‘fingers’ of cheese and cling wrap them.
Juice box {again – it’s a party and the kids want something nice to drink, they won’t go for water, trust me, BUT, do not give them any sodas! Also, by giving them 1 inside their pack, that should be enough. If they want more, their parents can give them more and control what their kids are having.}
Small packet of jelly sweets / marshmallows {again, it’s a party}

The kids can also obviously snack on whatever the adults are snacking on, but it really does help to keep them happy by giving them a little goodie bag. {It’s also a good idea to provide a little ‘kids’ area’ where they can draw, play in the sand, jump on a trampoline, etc}

The Menu:

Lamb on the spit, basted with a vinegar and salt-based ‘marinade’ {remember, keep it simple}
Roasted veg skewers {drizzled with olive oil, ,sprinkled with Peppadew spice and a sprig of fresh rosemary}
Sweet potatoes in foil {smear with butter and a sprinkle of Peppadew spice and wrap in heavy duty tinfoil}
Green salad {baby salad leaves, fresh mint leaves, peas, mangetout and feta cheese. Olive oil & balsamic vinegar for the dressing}

IMG_8601 IMG_8607

My philosophy – stick to real food and real ingredients and let them shine! :)


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