Hi, I’m Heidi and I’m a {Low Carb} Foodie…

{I also enjoy a good, dry MCC bubbly…}

I’m the creator, writer, recipe-developer and pretty much the entire one-man-team here at Foodie goes Primal!

Here, we do LCHF {aka Low Carb High Fat or Banting} and Real Food.

I love to eat good food, hence I love to cook.
I also like to be healthy and active and I believe that good food doesn’t have to be compromised by leading a healthy lifestyle.
Or the other way round – health shouldn’t be compromised by loving food and loving to eat good food.
{And by ‘good food’, I mean ‘gourmet’, ‘tasty’, ‘yum’, ‘lick-your-fingers-it’s-so-good’ food!}

Three years ago {more or less…} my husband and I decided to give up carbs. We stopped eating grains and processed carbs, such as bread, pastas, rice, etc.
We also cut out sugar to a large degree and all processed foods.

This is not a diet we went on, but rather a new lifestyle path.

I don’t believe in dieting!
If you make some temporary change to your ‘diet’ in order to lose weight or whatever, you’re bound to go back to your old ways once you’ve reached your goal, unless you decide to stick to it for life, and then it might just be a boring old life ahead of you…

I decided {for various reasons, health being the main one} to make certain permanent changes to my diet:
*no more carbs {except for those in vegetables, but not potatoes}
*less or no sugar {where possible, and with the exception of a bit of honey}
*no more processed foods {everything I make comes from whole, natural ingredients}

Being a foodie and all, I want to help inspire people to cook good, wholesome and tasty Real Food.

No extremes of measuring and weighing every single protein, fat or whatever, just the principles I listed above.
This is not a dieting site, nor do I give any nutritional advice, apart from the facts that are true in my life.
You should listen to your body and do what feels right for you {while sticking to those principles…}.

My recipes are mostly Paleo, often Banting, always Low Carb – I’d love for you to share and enjoy my recipes!

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A few important terms you’ll come across on my site:

Low Carb, High Fat {this refers to restricting the carbohydrate-intake from foods such as grains, pastas, sweets and other processed foods. Generally, low carb will mean a certain food or ingredient has less than 5g of carbs per 100g.}
LCHF does not mean high protein, but rather a medium protein, low carb and healthy fat way of eating.

Low Carb:
This is also the same as LCHF – we LOVE good fats!!!

Yet another word for LCHF

Although similar to Banting / LCHF, Paleo can be seen as a bit more ‘primal’ or true to the ‘caveman’ era, with allowance for some fruits, but little or no dairy.

This is my own invented word, which simply means that said meal has our kids’ stamp of approval and yours would be likely to enjoy it too! {Our kids are aged 3 and 5.}

#EatRealFood or #RealFood:
Real food goes above and beyond simply Low Carb or Banting or LCHF – Real Food refers to food that comes from nature; meat, veggies, dairy and is used and/or prepared and presented in its’ real form.
There are many Low Carb ingredients you can use that are still processed, and this goes against the Real Food principle.
There might be a recipe or 2 of mine that makes use of ‘processed’ LCHF ingredients, but that is not the norm – I am completely pro-Real-Food!

Foodie goes Primal

As I’ve mentioned above – this way of eating isn’t a diet, but rather a lifestyle. It is for life and you will never look back!

Heidi x

{Pictured here with dear hubby and my fave bubbly ;) on my most recent birthday}



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    Chanele Edwards
    February 8, 2015 at 2:47 pm

    Love the changes you made, I’m trying to incorporate the same. I said no gluten, diary or heavy carbs like bread and potatoes. Wraps I can do though. Lovely blog x


    • Reply
      February 9, 2015 at 11:32 am

      Thanks Chanele!
      Good luck to those new changes! Makes you feel {and look ;)} amazing.
      Just headed over to your page too and it looks fab – what a great idea!

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