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Avocados: 5 Great Recipes + Health Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Don’t you just LOVE avocados? Rich, creamy, delicious and SUPER-nutritious!

Avos were one of the things I probably missed most while living in India… Even though the climate seemed perfect for growing avocados, they were nowhere to be found. Perhaps the locals just didn’t enjoy them..?!
{Or – perhaps they didn’t have the patience for this:}



Anyhoo, you can do so much with an avo – from baking to smoothies to fabulous salads.

Here are a few fun facts you probably didn’t know:
An avocado is actually a fruit – in fact, it’s a single-seeded berry.
Avocados have more potassium than bananas.
Avocados are very high in protein, containing 18 of the most important amino acids, plus, they’re all readily available for your body to use.
Avocados are naturally very low in sugar.
Avos may help reduce cholesterol.
Avos are high in fibre – take THAT oats / grains / whatever!

Here are some great recipes featuring avocados:

Meatballs wrapped in bacon with a cream cheese filling
Springtime Prawns with Avo Guacamole
Breakfast Eggacado
All-in-one Weekend Salad
Mexican-inspired Quiche

Enjoy – and remember, they’re #inseason NOW! X

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