Scrumptious Salads: Low Carb Salad Recipes

Freestyle Green Salad with Jalapenos & A Tangy Mayo Vinaigrette

Can you feel Summer in the air..? The days are positively HOT in Johannesburg at the moment and I’m loving it!

My favourite kind of meal this time of year has got to be a juicy steak with a crispy, crunchy GREEN salad.

Oh yes, the greener, the better!

After a winter of cooked veggies, curries and stews, I seriously crave my greens and salads, and my favourite salad style at the moment is a ‘freestyle’ type of salad…
A sort of ‘mix ‘n match’, deconstructed, platter style, where you can build your own salad.

It evokes that Mediterranean, tapas-vibe…
In fact, all you need for a perfectly relaxed weekend meal with summer vibes, is a few steaks, this salad and wine spritzers.

Green Salad with Jalapenos & Tangy Mayo Vinaigrette

You can really use ANY greens that you like, but I’m loving Romaine / Cos lettuce, with it’s incredible crunch.
It’s also great for building all kinds of nibbles and acts as a little ‘boat’ for tacos

Adding fresh chilies provides a bit of a kick and is something different. It also helps keep you cool in the heat πŸ˜‰

What will you pair with this green salad with?


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