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{Low Carb} Easter Ideas Pinterest Roundup

Earlier today, I posted a link on Facebook about the effects of all the unnatural dyes found in a lot of kids’ treats and processed foods..

Here it is again:

It got me thinking about all the fun and love and laughter associated with Easter egg hunts, treats and more.

Even though we have a carb-free or low-carb household {to a certain extent – who knows what hubby does while at the office ;) }, I still allow occasional treats for the kids and they have the odd sandwhich every now and then.

It is extremely difficult to withould kids from sugar and sweets altogether, yes it can probably be done, but honestly, how do you keep your child from eating cake and candy at a birthday party?! {Especially a 2- and 4-year old…}

I managed to withold sugar from my eldest while we lived in India, because it wasn’t accessible there and not part of their culture {processed and manufactured candy, that is.}

Anyways, my point is:

Limit candy to special occasions
Limit the amount of treats
Choose healthier options – less colours, less artificial sweeteners and flavours
Do not make juices and candies part of your child’s daily diet

I found a few more healthy and fun alternatives to all the sugar-laden Easter treats:

Give these a whizz and make it fun for the kids – they can gather baskets of mustache hard-boiled eggs! ;)

Here’s a fun craft too:

Happy Easter!


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