Low Carb Lamb Dishes

Roast Lamb The Easy Way – In A Slow-Cooker

There’s nothing like good, flavourful, fall-off the bone roast lamb in winter to warm your soul…

This recipe is a basic that can be embellished and turned into a million different dishes – what’s not to love?!

You only need a few key ingredients, a slow-cooker and a good night’s sleep for delicious fall-off-the-bone roast lamb.

You will need:

salmuera marinade
lamb roast {any large roast cut will do – shoulder, neck, leg, etc.}
1/2 cup chicken stock

Place the lamb in a slow-cooker and score the top of the skin – this helps the meat to become really tender and allows the fat to cook into the meat.

Drizzle generously with salmuera marinade {this marinade already contains all the flavours and seasoning you need and is really easy to make and can be kept in the fridge for months} and add the chicken stock.

Now close the slow-cooker and let it cook on low/medium for 8 hours.

That’s it!

In 8 hours’ time you have a beautiful piece of roast lamb that is tender, juicy, full of flavour!

This lamb can be enjoyed as is, served with pan-roasted veggies, or turn it into another dish:



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