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LCHF Summer Lamb Shanks

Summer Lamb Shanks

Summer cooking is all about simplicity and making use of fresh ingredients.
I love that these Summer Lamb Shanks require very little hands-on cooking time, plus they take me back to a long-ago Mediterranean holiday…

Slow-cooked, rich lamb with fresh tomatoes and sharp goats’ cheese is what this dish is all about.

Summer Lamb Shanks


In 1998 we went on a family holiday to Turkey, where we stayed on a yacht and sailed our way around the Turkish coast and small bays.

My favourite part of the holiday was all the fabulous food!
The food was so simply prepared and bursting with flavour.

Olives, fresh cheeses, fresh herbs and marinated peppers and tomatoes made up most of our lunches – served with a generous loaf of Turkish bread… {Ok, so no more of that now!}
There were also the usual lamb kebabs and stuffed pitas, but you’d find those mostly in-land and in the bigger cities.

Along the coastal towns where travelled, we’d have freshly grilled fish, chicken or lamb – seasoned with fresh herbs, sea salt and lemon.
The meat would be served with a simple bowl of lettuce, seasoned generously with sea salt, lemon and olive oil.
Little bowls of marinated olives, feta cheese, fresh bread and deep-fried whitebait would be served as a starter or anti-pasti..

Anyways, my point is; I love these fresh flavours and love how they can transform a dish and still be elegant and simple.

Summer Lamb Shanks

These Summer Lamb Shanks are just that – elegant and simple, bursting with fresh Mediterranean flavour.


They certainly do put a different spin on the traditional lamb shank dish.

Servings: 4
Time: overnight + 15 mins prep time
Difficulty: easy

You will need:
2 lamb shanks
1 cup chicken stock
1 lemon
white pepper
lamb seasoning with rosemary
3 tomatoes
100 g goats’ cheese
fresh basil
black pepper

Place the lamb shanks in your slow cooker and season well with salt, lamb seasoning & white pepper.

Squeeze the lemon juice and leave 1/2 of the lemon in the slow cooker.
Add the chicken stock and cook on low overnight.
Remove and discard the bones, shred the meat.

The lamb should be slightly warm but not too hot.

Place 4 slices of tomato on each plate and season with salt & pepper.
Top with 4 slices of goats’ cheese and a small bunch of sweet basil.

Add the lamb shank meat and serve.

Summer Lamb Shanks


You could easily double-up on the recipe and freeze or keep aside half the meat for a next meal…
Slow-cooked meat doesn’t only have to enjoyed in Winter. 😉

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