Leftovers/ Low Carb Seafood Recipes

Fishcakes with Bacon & Chilli Guacamole

Because, you know, you need bacon with everything – even fishcakes!
And, I promise, it’s really good!

Fishcakes with Bacon & Guacamole {LCHF, Banting, Paleo}

I’ve been back into training this week, running and going to the gym, and just craving a bit more carbs… {Maybe I need it?!}

I’ve been eating more healthy carbs like sweet potato and also trying to get in a bit more protein.
{Oh my gosh, I sound like one of those stereotypical cross-fit memes, like: hey bra, have you had your protein shake today? LOL}

These fishcake stacks are packed with protein and good fats from the bacon, avocado, fish and eggs and also satisfies that carb-craving…
It’s also one of those dishes that you can pretty much have for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
{Ours was dinner.}

Something a bit random, but I feel it’s relevant: the word CHILLI – I’ve always spelt it chilli with 2 ‘L’s’ and then quite some time ago, I saw it spelt ‘correctly’ as chili with 1 ‘L’ and I’ve been spelling it that way ever since…
But every time I write anything electronically, spellcheck points out that it should be spelled with 2 ‘L’s’…. So I decided to spell it with 2 ‘L’s’ today – I hate those red spellcheck errors…
So – which one is correct? Any grammar-police out there who can help? 
{We use English-spelling, as in UK English, here in South Africa…}

Fishcakes with Bacon & Guacamole {LCHF, Banting, Paleo}

These are really quick and easy to make, they’re packed with flavour and filled with good, fresh, real ingredients.

Great for using up fish-braai-leftovers and to be honest, I’ll have a fish braai just to make these the next day!


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