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My Favourite Olive Oil plus a Light & Easy Side Salad

It’s Monday, it’s raining, so let’s take it easy…

I went to my husband’s gym this morning, instead of going to my usual class at my gym…Oh..My..Goodness… I am pooped!

New exercises, lots of muscle usage – I might not be able to lift a finger tomorrow… As we say here in SA – eish!

Anyways, so this is just what I need – something light and super tasty:

IMG_9084 (573x1024)

This salad is really, really basic – but divine and you can have it with anything you like, especially great with steak!

I used wild rocket and baby butter lettuce, added a few shavings of Parmesan cheese, drizzled liberally with this fantastic Karoo olive oil. You can also add a splash of Balsamic vinegar.

I always try out different olive oils, trying to get the best quality and the purest oil. Olive oils are all usually yum, but this one is really special:

IMG_9085 (670x1024)

I got it from Woolies and it’s from an olive farm in the Karoo. It’s reasonably priced at R119 for 1 litre and is very pure. It has that greenish tinge and has a very earthy flavour.

I use this one raw, over salads and things – not for cooking, as that’s a waste. I use another olive oil for cooking – still organic and cold-pressed, but a bit cheaper.

So – DO try it out – it’s fab, and have a happy Monday! X

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