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Salty & Sweet Bacon & Venison Roll-Ups


It’s that time of year again – well almost…

Husbands and friends go on their annual hunting trips to provide beautiful and totally free range, grass fed meat for the year.

You absolutely cannot get more Paleo / Primal than that!
No grain-fed meat or growth-stimulating hormones, no – only pure, earthy, meaty goodness.

Many of my recipes {in fact, most} use venison meat, although you can easily substitute with beef.
Venison is always very lean and so, I usually add some extra fats – just remember this if you do use beef instead, as it can then become a bit fatty…
Venison also goes really well when paired with sweeter ingredients.

Ok, so here I’ve made an entire {and very large} warthog butt – or leg of warthog, whatever you like to call it – that I’ll use for a series of recipes.
I didn’t weigh it, but would guess it at around 5 kg?!
It yielded 3 very substantial portions of cooked meat – enough for 3 full family meals.

image1 (1024x768)

Now that the time-consuming part is finished, you can simply make these oh-so-scrummy meatball-roll-up-thingies and be happy!

IMG_9552 (1024x683)

These little bites are super tasty and just the right combination of salty & sweet. The caramelised onions and sweet potato gives it that sweetness and the bacon, well, need I say more?!

It’s the perfect marriage of salty & sweet – plus, you’ll fall head-over-heels for venison, guaranteed!

Enjoy! X

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