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Taco Salad Bowl {Low Carb, Low Effort, Super Versatile}


Do you sometimes just feel like you’re missing the whole plot?

Unfocused, always lagging behind and just a bit ‘meh’?

I totally feel that way at the moment! {Don’t worry, this is not a pity-party-post, I just need to ‘air’ my feelings a bit…}

I’m feeling a bit uninspired food-wise, like I’m stuck in a rut and there’s a bit of a power battle going on between the idea of trying to eat healthy, but still delicious and exciting foods, and feeling a bit defeated because all the ‘good’ stuff is just full of bad stuff and the wrong calories!

It’s almost as if, the harder I try to be innovative with healthy, delicious food, the more I get it wrong.

Remember the egg fast?
Well, since doing that egg fast, I’ve just been battling with a couple of extremely stubborn kilos, as well as slightly tighter-fitting pants…
So – needless to say, a quick-fix is NOT for me!

I’ve since decided to just go back to keeping it simple:
Eat REAL food
Don’t try and be too fancy – stick to the basics
Eat when I’m hungry
Watch out for those sneaky carbs, by tracking things on My Fitness Pal {not obsessively, but just to be aware of what I’m actually consuming}

Hopefully you haven’t dozed off after reading all my rambling thoughts…

Here’s a recipe for a very simple, yet super tasty, REAL, Low Carb Taco Salad:
{What I love about this, is that you can make a large batch of this curried mince and use it for many different meals – you can also keep it in the freezer for a quick dinner on a busy night}

This will also work fabulously in a jar, layered, for a picnic or a lunch box.

It really is a tasty, quick dinner, and perfect for lunch too.

Hope you enjoy and remember to keep it simple! X

Taco salad

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