The Egg Fast – Yay or Nay?


For me, it’s a nay…

I decided to try out a 5-day egg fast last week, to see what all the fuss was about and also to try and lose a couple of stubborn kilos.

Here are the details of the eating plan I followed from I Breathe I’m Hungry. {Do try the snickerdoodle crepes – they’re ab-fab!}

It all started off really well and I followed the plan to a T.
I do love eggs, so that wasn’t a problem for me – plus, the menu offers quite a variety of different egg dishes.

On the third day, that’s when things went south, when we had our monthly running club drinks night…

I didn’t have anything high in carbs – I stuck to having chicken and a salad, but I did have a glass of dry white wine.

So, you see, the following day was a bit difficult to stick to just eggs – plus, it was my son’s birthday… {We went out for dinner and I couldn’t bring myself to having eggs – so I had steak instead!}

Anyways, let me cut right to the chase with some pros and cons, as well as some pointers if you do decide to try it out:


  1. The combination of eggs, fat and cheese will kick-start your liver into burning fat more efficiently for fuel
  2. Helps in breaking a weight-loss plateau
  3. Helps you to get back on track if you’ve strayed a bit from the low carb path
  4. Unlike other fad diets, you are not left to starve through the day
  5. Eggs are yum and nutritious – the whole family can join this fad diet!


  1. Constipation {I can’t believe I actually just published the C-word, but hey, you have to know this!}
  2. A 5-day egg fast is too long, I’d do it for 3 days

Some pointers:

  1. Don’t attempt this {or any other, for that matter} fad diet when it’s that time of the month, you will probably end up putting on weight, as you will no doubt stuff your face with a ton of other forbidden things…
  2. Don’t try and go beyond 3 days – anything more becomes tedious and you’ll probably not lose any weight
  3. Do it with someone – having the moral support and knowing that someone else is also going through the same struggle, makes it all a bit easier – plus you can both celebrate with some wine when it’s all over! πŸ˜‰
  4. Give the devilled eggs a skip – or limit it to a one-time snack, because believe me, devilled eggs 2 days in a row – no thanks!

Bottom line – like any fad diet, this might help you to shed a few kilos, but you’re probably going to put it all back on again…
{That’s if you lost it in the first place – unlike me, I actually gained a kilo…}

The best bet is to just stick to eating real food that is low in carbs.

Forget processed foods, sugar, grains and all other food high in carbs.

Forget about low fat – what a load of bull!

Just eat real food.

Have some butter with your eggs – go for it!
Eat that avo.
Eat nuts!
Use olive oil for your salad.

But now here’s the kicker – don’t go and smother everything in butter and cream! Remember that calories are still calories…

Eat when you’re hungry – until you’re full.

I’m going to leave you with this great article from Authority Nutrition that debunks 2 mainstream nutrition myths.


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  • scarletscorchdroppers
    April 4, 2015 at 9:23 am

    Interesting read!
    I eat a lot of eggs now, they make up most of my breakfast nearly every day. I don’t know if I could do 5 days of almost exclusively eggs though! X