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Top 10 Easy LCHF Snacks

Today I’m sharing my Top 10 Easy LCHF Snacks – these are quick to make and totally #KidApproved.

I call these the Top 10 Easy LCHF Snacks, because they don’t really require much prep work.
They’re handy for kids, as appetizers or small meals.
Perfect for lunch boxes or picnics – point is, it’s easy, it’s small and it’s filling.

Those of you that are regular followers know that my eldest son is a bit of an early bird…
Maybe ‘a bit’ is an understatement… He’s up early, ok. Really early. When it’s still dark outside.

The last few mornings, he gets up anytime between 5 & 5:30 am, switches on all the lights and closes my bedroom door so he doesn’t wake me…

Then, he gets creative in the kitchen, dishing up anything from leftovers to yoghurt to bolognese I’ve been defrosting for dinner…

He is four.

My point is, it’s always a good idea to either have a few snacks or small meals ready or be able to quickly whip them up.

I was recently reminded of the four P’s of success: Planning Prevents Poor Performance
This is so true! Also, remember: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Kids are hungry and often quite hangry when they wake up in the mornings – they’ve been ‘fasting’ since about 6pm the previous night and for little tummies, that’s a long time!

If you have these little meals ready, it just makes it so much easier on everyone and you know then that they’re ok for the next few hours.

If you have an early bird like I do, then set these little snacks out for them where they can easily find it.

I like to place a box of toys in the living room, along with a snack, for my boys to find in the mornings. That way they can play quietly until the rest of us wake up and not be hungry.

And then there’s also the grownups – you know that when you’re hungry and there’s nothing ready to grab, you might end up making bad food choices…

Hence, my top 10 easy LCHF snacks don’t require too much prep work, they’re easy to make and quite filling. They’re high in fat and will keep you going!
Also, you’re very likely to have most of these ingredients on hand.

Keep this handy list on your fridge and make sure to have most of these on hand – it’ll make your life SO much easier!

And do share – especially with fellow LCHF mommies :)


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