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Wakey, Wakey, Eggs & Bacey

Good morning!

Don’t you just love waking up to the smell of coffee / bacon / breakfast?!
It’s like in the cartoons when the smell wafts up to you, pinching your sleeping nose and dragging you off to the source of yumminess…

Well, I have 2 delicious breakfast options for today – both starring breakfast staples you should definitely have in your fridge: eggs & bacon.



The ‘Eggacado’:
{You will need eggs + avocado + bacon}

Remove pip from the avos,
Scoop out a little excess flesh to make room for the egg,
Cut off the rounded bottom to make it lie flat and steady on a baking tray.

Next, grind a little pink Himalayan salt into the hollow of the avo,
Use 1 egg for 2 avo halves – gently whisk the egg before dividing it between the 2 avo halves,
Season with your favourite sprinkle {I used mixed seeds} and a dash of Tabasco,
Bake at 220C for 8-10 minutes.

Serve with crispy fried bacon – yum!

This next one is my absolute new favourite – it’s so quick and simple and quite frankly, mind-blowingly-delicious:

IMG_8673 IMG_8667

I don’t-really-know-what-to-call-this-but-let’s-go-with-Poached-Eggs-with-Spicy-Bacon-and-Tomato:
{You will need eggs + bacon + tomatoes + chilies + sage}

Start off by cutting the bacon into small strips {use streaky bacon},
Place a tbs of butter into a cold pan, along with the bacon and slowly bring to heat, frying until the bacon is crispy {cook on a low heat}.

Once the bacon is crispy, add 3 large chopped tomatoes {juicy, red ones},
Add 2 red chilies, slit length-ways.
Fry it just until the tomatoes are heated through – not mushy.
Add a couple of fresh sage leaves, torn.

In a separate pot, bring some water to the boil and add a splash of vinegar.
Reduce the heat to a slight simmer and stir the water to create a swirl.
Drop the eggs {one by one} into the water, using a cup to gently tip them in.
{You can use however many eggs you want – but stick to batches of 4 in the pot}
Time the eggs to cook between 4-5 minutes for a medium poached egg.

Lift the eggs and allow the water to drain off and place on top of the bacon & tomatoes & enjoy – pure yumminess!!!

So – which one did you try and which is your favourite? I would love some feedback!


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