Breakfast Fix: Low Carb Breakfast Recipes

Chicken Liver, Zucchini & Poached Egg Breakfast Stacks

Chicken Liver, Zucchini & Poached Egg Breakfast Stacks are not only low carb, they’re absolutely delicious, super-filling AND dairy-free.

Chicken Liver, Zucchini & Poached Egg Breakfast Stacks {LCHF, Paleo, Dairy-Free}

Layers of zucchini rösti / pancakes with crispy, spicy chicken livers and perfectly poached eggs – what more do you need?

I must add that this is a perfect meal for pretty much any time of the day – don’t be blinded by breakfast…

Now I have to share something with you and be completely honest…

I’ve been following this LCHF lifestyle for 3 years now, not really focusing too much on what I can and cannot eat, what’s on which list and how much of what I eat.

I’ve simply decided not to eat processed carbs, processed foods or sugar.

Over the past few months I’ve been obsessing with counting carbs, keeping an eye on calorie-intake and eating a lot more ‘replica’ foods.
I’ve also noticed that we eat a lot of cheese.

And while this is probably not the end of the world, I’ve noticed that those 2 kilos I’ve been trying to lose have been sticking around; at times becoming 1, then 2.5, then 3 and even at one stage 4!

This is not good, this is not how I want to be feeling OR how I want to live.

I’m craving sweet things All. The. Time. and just cannot seem to get through a week without somehow eating something that’s completely not part of this lifestyle that I’ve chosen.

I tried to think of when I felt at my best and why; it was during the first 2 years of this lifestyle, when my only guidelines were to not eat any wheat, sugar or processed food.
I also didn’t eat dairy…
And that worked for me – which was more of a Paleo-approach…

I guess I’ve been trying too hard to come up with ‘clever’ ‘low carb’ treats and dishes that people will like – people reading my blog and people following me on social, mostly people that probably follow a low carb ‘diet’ only to lose weight, etc as a quick fix and don’t necessarily want to change they way the live.

Yes, I would still love for that group of people to follow my blog, etc, but I’ve come to realise that that’s not what I’m about and it’s time for me to get back on track and back to what is important for me.

So – this is me going back to eating healthy, REAL food; getting my fats from non-dairy sources such as nuts, avocados, oils and fatty meats & fish; and keeping things simple.

A big breakfast works for me and I try and get in plenty of good fats with it. Yes, I still add butter to my eggs 😉 and cream in my coffee.

I am going to give up sweet things for a while {meaning LCHF sweet treats} and only have it on special occasions – occasionally being the operative word here…

Ok, confession and promises over, here is my recipe for awesome Chicken Liver, Zucchini & Poached Egg Breakfast Stacks, which provides heaps of healthy fats, protein, as well as essential green veggies:

Chicken Liver, Zucchini & Poached Egg Breakfast Stacks {LCHF, Paleo, Dairy-Free}

What is your favourite breakfast item?

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